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Jet Thrust
1964 GT Hawk Studebaker
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In my search to purchase a GT Hawk in 2006 I spoke to a lot of people and many times heard the same questions. “How many did they make, how many are left, where are they, how were they equipped, what condition are they in?” etc.

It appeared to me that a GT Hawk Registry could attempt to answer those questions and provide additional valuable information to those interested in this great automobile.  Late in 2008 I decided I had the time and the interest to undertake this project and create a web site and data base of information that would hopefully be of interest and benefit to all.  

Additional inspiration was finding a 1964 R-1 for my own which is now completed  and is a joy to own and drive.

You can submit your car by sending an e-mail to:  and I will send you a Registration information form to be completed and returned.


Barry Leppan